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Cat Class 

HRA is excited to present a new type of training class - one for your cat! Have you ever felt that your cat could benefit from more to do or that they seem to take out their boredom on you and your house? This class can help you understand the “why” behind your cat’s behavior, including unwanted behavior, and ways to resolve it. 

The class will also teach you how to train your cat to do cool tricks, which can strengthen their bond with you, build their confidence, provide much-needed mental stimulation for active cats.  Take your cat skills to the next level and learn more than the basics about how make your feline friend's life fun and exciting indoors!

This class is for cats 8 weeks old and up and meets for one hour a week for six, consecutive weeks.

In this class you will learn how to teach your cat practical skills and tricks such as:

  • Entering a carrier on cue
  • Enjoying nail trims
  • Sit
  • High-five
  • Walking on leash 

$150 for six one-hour classes

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