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On-Line  Proof Positive-Perfecting Obedience in the Real World

Proof Positive-Perfecting Obedience in the Real World (An Intermediate Manners class)

Does your dog do as asked no matter what's going on? Once they hear a squeaky toy, see a tennis ball or dog, are all bets off? This class is for people who want their dogs to behave as well in public as in the living room. Whether your dog already knows the basics or is just learning, this class will test their manners with distractions. Join us to improve your dog's impulse control and increase their reliability.

This class will consist of the instructor presenting training concepts and leading training strategy discussions, and students practicing mechanics with their dogs, during the on-line classes, with instructor coaching. There will also be time for questions and answers.

We think it will be a fun and interesting class. We will send out an email, instructing students on the props and accessories that will be used in class. 

On-line classes will be offered using the Zoom platform. This platform is straightforward and easy for students.  A Zoom subscription is not required to attend classes, however, if you are using a smart phone to access class, you will need to download the Zoom application. 

Basic Manners is not a prerequisite for this class. This class is for non-aggressive dogs over 16 weeks old.

$100 for four fifty minute classes

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