Tell Congress: Make Sure Girls Get a Fair Chance in Sports


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Tell Congress: Make Sure Girls Get a Fair Chance in Sports

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to urge you to support the High School Athletics Accountability Act (H.R. 458) and the High School Data Transparency Act (S. 1269).

These bills would help parents and students know more about whether their schools are treating all students fairly with respect to athletic opportunities. Specifically, the bills would require high schools to report and publicize basic information on the number of male and female participants in their athletics programs and the money spent on their sports teams. Currently, a federal law requires colleges to make such information publicly available each year. But high schools are not required to disclose these data even though they collect it and have it readily available, making it difficult to ensure fairness in high school athletics programs.

Title IX requires high schools to provide girls with equal opportunities to play sports and girls' teams with equal benefits and services. In the almost 40 years since it was enacted, Title IX has resulted in stunning increases in girls' participation in high school sports -- from fewer than 300,000 in 1972 to a little over 3 million today -- a more than 900 percent increase.

I urge you to support the high school data bills to ensure that our daughters have the same opportunities to benefit from sports as do our sons.

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