End wildlife exploitation. Forever.

Animal cruelty makes pandemics like coronavirus possible. It’s now more critical than ever that governments, businesses and people must end the use and abuse of wild animals.

For millions of wild animals around the world, life is miserable. It’s a cycle of cruelty and suffering for those who are used for entertainment, for food, for medicine and kept as exotic pets. Every animal deserves a life worth living from a tiger bred for the tourism and traditional medicine industry to a sloth used for selfies to the bears farmed for bile in the traditional medicine industry.

Now more than ever your vital, ongoing support can help stop animal exploitation everywhere. Stop the madness by giving $20 a month. Donate now.

Your impact

You have the power to stop the cruelty and help vulnerable animals lead safe, natural lives. Your gift will help end the wildlife trade. We can’t afford to continue exploiting wild animals for our entertainment, for use in medicine or to be kept as pets. Make your donation to change animals' lives for the better today. Donate now.

Because of donors like you, World Animal Protection can move travel companies to reduce demand for animal entertainment and work with governments to end the wildlife trade permanently. So far, more than 256 travel companies have joined World Animal Protection to implement elephant and wildlife-friendly commitments including stopping the sale and promotion of cruel animal entertainment. But we must keep up the pressure to ensure wild animals are no longer used and exploited.

Still more to do

Around the world millions of animals are suffering every day. You can help stop animal cruelty by:

- Directly helping at least 100,000 wild animals in captivity by the end of 2020

- Uniting governments, organizations and nations to ban the global wildlife trade to end the suffering of wild animals and protect people 

- Directly helping at least 5 million animals affected by disasters by the end of 2020

- Creating better lives for at least 50 million dogs worldwide by the end of 2020


Accountable to you

World Animal Protection strives to ensure every dollar you give is building strong global animal protection programs and a healthy future for the world's animals.

How we use your funds

With your support, we can be there for all the animals currently living in fear and experiencing suffering. Help save lives by becoming an Animal Protector today. Donate now.

Donate now to help these vulnerable animals.

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