Your impact

Animals-in-wild-322015.jpg   In the wild

You'll help stop the use of wild animals for food, entertainment, medicine or to be kept as exotic pets.

Animals-in-wild-322015.jpg   In farming

You'll help improve the lives billions of farm animals who suffer every day.

Animals-in-wild-322015.jpg   In disasters

You'll protect wildlife, farm animals and pets affected by natural disasters.

Animals-in-wild-322015.jpg   In communities

You'll create better lives for dogs by ending inhumane killing due to fear of rabies.


If you prefer to give your gift over the phone, please call our team toll-free at 1 800 363 9772.


Be an Animal Protector


Become an Animal Protector today by making an on-going monthly donation. By doing so you'll stand side by side with animals when they need you the most.

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