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Or mail us a check payable to WWOZ: PO BOX 51840, New Orleans, LA 70151

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WWOZ Membership Levels & Premiums

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Headphones 2022-2023Tee shirt 2022-23Ball Cap 2022-2023Flag 2022-2023Brass Band Hat 2022-23   Sponsor all 7 days of our Jazz Fest Live Broadcast + your choice:
Wireless headphones, shirt, ball cap & flag 
-OR- Wireless headphones, brass band hat & flag
Brass Band Hat 2022-23 Speaker 2022-2023 alternate    Brass Band Cap & Bluetooth Speaker
Umbrella-150-REV2.pngFlag 2022-2023Water Bottle 2022-2023   Umbrella + WWOZ Flag
-OR- Umbrella + Water Bottle
Pullover 2022-2023Flag 2022-2023Water Bottle 2022-2023   Long Sleeve Pullover + WWOZ Flag
-OR- Pullover + Water Bottle
Tee shirt 2022-23Ball Cap 2022-2023    WWOZ Logo Tee Shirt & Ball Cap 
Flag 2022-2023    WWOZ Logo Flag
Tee shirt 2022-23    WWOZ Tee Shirt
Beach towel 2022-2023   Beach Towel
Ball Cap 2022-2023   WWOZ Logo Ball Cap
($5.00 minimum)
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