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Flag: Saxophone (Second Edition)

flag 2












(cue Festival Noise)

(enter sunburned music lover trying to hold a cell phone conversation with ...)

“Okay, you're where? Gentilly Stage? Okay, okay, go out to the track and follow it counterclockwise. ...Yeah, take a left on the track. No, a LEFT! ...Okay, follow the track around past the Fais-Do-Do Stage...yeah, where everybody's dancing. No, like really dancin. Y'can't miss em. ...Uh-huh. ...We're on the lawn in front of Congo Square, just past Fais-Do-Do. ...Uh-huh. ...No, no, past that. In between the track and the craft tents. ...Yeah, I know there's a lotta people! It's Jazz Fest, fer cryin out loud! It's okay, just look for the giant bumblebee and the big WWOZ flag. ...Yeah. Yeah, the 'OZ flag, the bumblebee... I dunno, maybe three and a half feet long? It's just a giant bee, okay? Don't worry about how big the bee is! Just find the one with the 'OZ flag and the goofy lookin people with barbecue sauce all over their faces dancin underneath. ...Yeah. Yeah, he's wearin his top hat. Barbecue sauce and a top hat. ...And don't forget the mango freeze!”

Multicolored, lightweight, high-flyin' flag measures 23.5 inches by 36 inches, and will help your friends locate you across any sized outdoor event. Tell em to bring extra provisions.

Oh, and of course, you might also use this flag in the traditional way, outside your front door.

This flag features a saxophone player jamming on a teal background.

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