logo-footer-1170.png WALL OF HONOR & SURVIVOR RECOGNITION logo-footer-1170.png

The Wall of Honor and the Survivor Tree are interactive displays provided by the SBTF on Race day for all attendees to honor brain tumor survivors, brain tumor patients, and brain tumor warriors.

Each interactive display allows individuals to give pause, to reflect, and to share their own personal journey or the journey of a loved one through photos and messages. We encourage attendees to bring photos, messages, posters or other memorabilia to post in the Wall of Honor activity. Push pins and tape will be provided by the SBTF.

For the Survivor Tree activity, we invite you to create beautiful paper butterflies, print the name of your brain tumor hero on the butterfly, then affix the butterfly to the Survivor Tree. Come and watch the Survivor Tree come to life through your involvement in this activity.

Oh, and yes, your memorabilia may be collected at the close of the days' events.

Need more info? email us at events@sbtf.org