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The Race for Research Team Spirit Award recognizes the top three teams who display the greatest Team Spirit on race day.  This award recognizes prominent reflection of the team name and why they “race” with the SBTF.  The physical size (e.g. number of team members) is not a factor for judging the most team spirit award.   

The Team Spirit Award is judged on the several criteria.  The team displaying the most team spirit carries an uplifting aura about them.  They display a sense of hope, a sense of conviction, and a sense of camaraderie which is not only seen with the eye, but is felt in one’s heart.  The team with the most team spirit evokes “CURE”

          C  - creativity

          U –unity (matching colors, reason for participation, etc)

          R – recognition of the brain tumor hero/warrior

          E – enthusiasm

Teams will be scored on a 1-5 scale with 5 being the highest score for each category above. The highest points possible is twenty. In the event of a tie, another judge will score the tied teams to determine a first, second, and third place winner. 

This is an annual award open to all teams participating in the Race for Research.  The winning team will be recognized during the awards ceremony at the Race and receives a ribbon and plaque… and bragging rights for the upcoming year! Your team’s photo will also be shown on our website as an example of amazing team spirit.

Will you be the next Race for Research Team Spirit Award winner?

Margie's Wonder Warriors     Diddlebugs

Team Spirit Winner 2019     #JoeStrong Spirit